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CMRS has a broad range of research interests in novel patient cohorts with both standard and emerging techniques such as exercise MR and 4d flow studies. CMRS presently actively runs over 20 ethics approved, funded research projects involving 4 PhD students, 3 honours students and 2 fellows.

Congenital Heart Disease

We exclusively provide CMR for services for the Adult Congenital Heart disease services at RPAH, Sydney where there are more than 10,000 patients. We have expertise in Tetralogy of Fallot, TGA, Single Ventricle, Diseases of the Aorta and many more conditions. CMRS is funded by a Medical Foundation Grant from the University of Sydney to conduct this research.​

Exercise MRI

We have developed an MRI compatible ergometer which allows exercise studies with in the MRI scanner. This enables an indepth understanding of how various pathologies adapt during exercise, a more physiologic method of assessment. We are planning studies in ToF, TGA, Fontan and Non-compaction patients.  

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

We have performed a unique prospective study, examining the utility of CMR in a group of 40 young patients with SLE. We plan to report the rates of cardiac manifestations of SLE identified with CMR and follow this group over time. 

Ischemic Heart Disease

We have several studies where we examine CMR findings both standard and novel, which help predict outcomes in high risk CABG surgery (EF <35%). This includes assessment of ischemic mitral regurgitation, diastolic function on MRI and myocardial viability.  

Post Mortem Cardiac MRI​

CMRS currently heads an NHMRC funded protocol examining the utility of CMR based autopsy in patients who die or natural causes under the age of 40 years in Sydney. This research is nearing completion and being prepared for publication. 

Clinical Trials​

CMRS acts as the exclusive core reporting facility for the ACTIVE study which is a NHMRC funded international multi-centre trial of long dialysis times.   

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